Public infrastructure is critical to Arkansas’s progress as a state. The basis of economic development, public safety management, and health care accessibility in Arkansas lies within the quality of our infrastructure. If our emergency care resources, businesses, utility services, and law enforcement are not able to rely on our road systems - we begin to see regression throughout several sectors of our state.

Year after year, Arkansas invests millions of dollars coupled with federal funding in an attempt at maintaining our crumbling highways and road systems. However, the costs needed to address this issue in full continue to rise and it is clear that we need more innovative sources of revenue to fund these problems in a way that is sustainable and fiscally responsible.

Our state’s leadership has not offered up any tangible solutions on addressing this funding crisis. Arkansans deserve to know that our leaders are bringing ideas to the table, thinking ahead, and proactively ensuring that our state is capable of keeping people safe and competing in our regional economy. If our leaders can accomplish this, we can move past the current worries of simply maintaining our infrastructure and begin to tackle more critical needs, like creating citizen-oriented public transportation throughout our state.


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