Jared's Vision

Re-thinking Government in the 21st Century

For almost 40 years, we’ve watched the same political debate: big government vs. small government, liberals vs. conservatives. Over time – and especially over the last 20 years – this debate has gotten more and more disheartening. It has also become increasingly outdated.  

Today we are living in one of the most dynamic, expansive, and rapid periods of change in all of human history. This period is producing incredible new technologies, revolutionizing entire industries, and generating promising new treatments for disease.

But this change brings substantial challenges as well.  We are now called upon to:

  • Build an education system that prepares children for jobs that do not even exist yet

  • Make healthcare affordable and accessible even as it becomes more sophisticated

  • Provide equitable opportunity in rural communities that have lost control over their economic destiny due to technology and globalization.

Without question, Arkansas can rise to meet these challenges.

But to do so, we need to move past old debates. We need to develop a new vision for government.  This vision will not focus on how big or small government should be, nor how conservative or liberal.

In this vision of government, we solve problems and promote opportunity by deciding how government can best complement and unleash the:

  • Efficiency and innovative capacity of the private sector;

  • Passion and scrappiness of our non-profit community;

  • Wisdom and values of our faith-based organizations; and 

  • Trust of our local civic institutions.

This is the vision of government that I want to develop alongside Arkansans in this campaign. It is a vision that I believe will lead us to write the next chapter in the great story that is Arkansas – and produce a shining example to every corner of this already great country.