During my time working with public schools across the state of Arkansas, I have seen firsthand the talent and brilliance of our students. As a new parent, there is nothing more frustrating and dismaying to me than to see my state near the very bottom of national rankings on college attainment, ACT scores, and student achievement. We need to build the public education system that our students and our state deserve.

Education is my campaign’s top priority because I want what every parent, grandparent, and employer wants - to ensure there are opportunities for the students we invest in to stay in Arkansas, whether it be through a career, college, or vocational training. To get us there, I recognize that we must invest in teachers to an extent never done before in Arkansas. Our teachers are often unheard, undervalued, and underpaid. It’s time to change that.

This campaign has a central goal on education: In 10 years, Arkansas should be the best state in the country to be a public school teacher. I am committed to making them the highest paid teachers in the country adjusted for cost of living, empowering them to make big impacts in our highest-need subjects and districts, and cutting away onerous administrative requirements. We need to trust educators.


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